Our manufacturing team at our facility in Orchard Hills, Sydney New South Wales designs and builds impeccably crafted display units, shelves, counters, display gondolas, slat wall and other customised joinery for projects of any size. See our FAQs for more details on what we offer.

Ryder CncOur CNC programming team first use drafting software to produce three-dimensional drawings that let you see different views of the specified items before we build them.

Our specialised state of the art production facility includes point-to-point (CNC) machines. We have the ability to build a wide variety of joinery boasting high standards of accuracy and quality. We offer a full range of laminated finishes and clients are welcome to visit our showroom to obtain colour samples and matching. We can also create a range of finishes, from powder coatings to polyurethane coatings in any colour. We store completed work in our warehouse facility at Orchard Hills Sydney ready to ship for installation by our dedicated crew.