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Planning your shop fitting involves more than measuring wall area – it starts at your building’s substrata and ends with the colourways.

What should you know when planning your next shop or office fitting? We’ve compiled an overview of the six typical stages applied to your shop or office fitting, plus a list of frequently asked questions.

6 steps to fitout


Initial brief – For the best results much collaboration is needed, so our team of fitters strive up-front to understand your site, team and needs completely.


Site analysis – We visit your site to measure every detail, analyse pedestrian traffic, inspect the natural light quality, address planning law requirements and much more.


Planning and designNext, we begin planning and design of your shop or office fitting and provide 3D layout drawings for a virtual walk-through before construction.


Manufacturing – Using computer-aided fabrication and estimation systems, our dedicated facility in Silverwater manufactures sophisticated shop fittings in a highly cost-efficient manner.


Project management – Our project management includes any final council paperwork and liaison with the tradespeople who will complete electricals, plumbing and painting.


Installation – We oversee the delivery and on-site installation of all manufactured works, for clients based throughout Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only work on projects end-to-end, or can I engage Ryder to work on separate stages of a fitout?

    Our work spans all client briefs, for large and small sites all around Australia, so we can work with you on any stage – or all stages. We can design, manufacture, project-manage and install major projects involving structural work, or complete a fast fitout inside a ready-to-go building envelope. We can work with our in-house or contract team, and also with your designers and tradespeople.

  • How much will my fitout cost?

    There are too many variables to give an estimate per square metre of fitout. It depends on how complete your space is – whether it has a ceiling, floor, shopfront or any other features – and whether you want finishes at $30 per square metre or $50. Just contact us and we’ll arrange an inspection and a tailored quote.

  • How long does it take to complete a standard shop or office fitting?

    As above, it depends on your particular job and location. In some areas, council approval can take three months; in others it’s a week. A standard shop size of between 80 – 120 square metres will take around four to six weeks to fit when there are no major structural works involved.

  • What fundamental building works are you qualified to do?

    Our experience spans all base building systems and primary mechanical systems, including all certification, along with the following works:

    • Demolition and refurbishment
    • Fire protection requirements
    • Electrical and gas work
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Plumbing and drainage
    • Wall and ceiling construction
    • Floor finishes
    • Joinery
    • Signage
    • Security systems
    • Shop implants (for shopping centres and trade fairs)
    • Shop-in-shop setups (boutiques within department stores)
    • Ongoing maintenance
  • What kind of interior shop and office fittings can you provide me with?

    Once the base building work is complete, we can provide you with a range of interior fittings such as joinery (including shopfronts, service counters, showcases, wall display units and kitchen or bathroom joinery), workspaces, reception counters, foyers, meeting rooms, breakout facilities and much more. See our Projects page for details of our work.

  • What after-sales support do you offer?

    We offer ongoing maintenance and servicing. Just speak with your project manager to find out how we can help you further.

  • Who is my point of contact?

    Ryder assigns a dedicated project manager from its managerial team to each client project. Your project manager inspects the site regularly and liaises with the site foreman, keeping you up to date with progress on your fitout.