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The Ryder philosophy is a simple one, based on people

At Ryder, we take pride in our award-winning fit outs – and our top standards in customer service. The Ryder team forms strong relationships of trust and dedication with our clients.

Managerial Team

Proudly serving Australian retailers and businesses since 1993, Ryder Shop and Office Fitting is owned and operated by the second generation of the Ryder family. Our loyal team of valued employees and managers have been with us many years.

Chris Wilkinson
Project Manager
Wesley Seward
Project Manager
Shane Stevens
Project Manager
Glenn Ryder
Managing Director
Miles Austin
Finance & Administration Manager
William Eyre
Production Manager
Mary Habib
Project Estimator
Zahid Khan
Project Administrator
Veronica Ashley
Project Administrator

Project team

The Ryder project team includes apprentices, hands and tradesmen at the factory level; site foremen and tradespeople for the installation stage; and estimators, project managers and production managers at the project management level. Supporting our in-house expertise is a reliable crew of contract labourers and tradespeople.

Careers at Ryder

If you have trade, design or project managerial skills and you’d like a career with growth potential, then contact us today. Ryder is a caring, connected workplace that offers a range of potential career directions for its team of practical and easygoing shop and office fitters. Based in Silverwater and with clients located across the state and beyond, there’s always an interesting project for our team to tackle.